Looking for a Unique Birthday Party Venue, or a Place to Host Group Activities in Orlando FL? AirHeads Trampoline Arena Is a Jump Park That’s Fun for the Whole Family

Trampoline Park Orlando FLOrlando, Florida, is all about big thrills. But let’s face it, a day at one of the major amusement parks can be as much an ordeal as an adventure. AirHeads Trampoline Arena is a jump park where thrill seekers of all ages can spend an exhilarating afternoon defying gravity without having to endure big crowds and long lines.

AirHeads is an indoor trampoline park where everyone can have a great time, whether they’re a frequent flier or a first-time jumper. We are committed to keeping our fun as safe as possible and our facilities clean and sanitary. We divide our trampoline floor into different jumping places based on age and size. After all, it might be fine for teens and tykes to rub elbows at the kid’s table during Thanksgiving dinner, but competing for the same airspace is probably not a good idea. What’s more, our Air Traffic Controllers monitor each area, ready to put a stop to any behavior that might put other jumpers at risk.

No matter your age, jumping on a trampoline is a great, low-impact exercise, and leaping lords and lasses who’ve worked up an appetite bounding through the air can refuel at our café, which offers hot and delicious foods including pizza, wraps, and salads.

You WBirthday Party Venues Orlando FLon’t Find a Better Trampoline Park in Orlando, FL, to Get Your Birthday Parties, Group Events, or Fundraisers Off the Ground

Are you looking for something a little different to do for your child’s next birthday party? AirHeads is one of the best birthday party venues around. We offer a number of high-flying packages for kids of every age, so you’ll always be able to choose one that perfectly suits your needs. What’s more, all of our packages include a party planner who will arrange everything from games and decorations to cleanup. There will never be a lull when you party with us. Your guests can bounce to their hearts’ content, enjoy a hot and delicious meal of pizza and cake, and when they’re ready to take a break from bounding skyward, they can spend some downtime in our extensive arcade, playing skee-ball and air hockey, or trying out our first-person shooters and drive simulators.

AirHeads also hosts group activities such as field trips, church outings, summer camps, fundraisers, and private events. We can open before or after our regular hours of operation to accommodate your schedule and will work with you to provide anything you need to make your event a rousing success.

At AirHeads Trampoline Arena, we know the reason most Orlando, FL, residents go to amusement parks is for the excitement of the rides. Imagine if your day was all rides and no lines. Drop by and discover for yourself what makes our entertainment center such a sensational place to play. You’re bound to love us. And, if you’d like to book a group event or birthday party, contact us today. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have.

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If there's one thing we've learned, it's that we must be prepared at all times. Visit Homeland Security’s Preparedness website to become familiar with what disasters may strike in your area and how to make sure you, your family, and ...
Manic Monday is ON 👍 Bounce on in -> unlimited jump in pairs for only $12.50 per jumper, till 8p. #JumpEatPlay #JumpIntoFun #GreatStressReliever
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We're open till 7p. #IrmasOver #ComePlay #JumpIntoFun
It's been a hard couple of weeks. Bounce on in for some fun & food. Evening Meal Deals start @ 7pm
-> $1 single topping pizza slices, $1 hot dogs, $1 small fountain drinks, till 10p 😋 #JumpIntoFun #SaturdayNight #Celebrate #GoodbyeIrma #Decompress
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Stir crazy yet? We will be open Noon-8PM today. Bring the kids to burn off some of that crazy energy. #AfterIrma #BurnEnergy #JumpEatPlay #Decompress
Party Bonus: Book a party for a weekday and your guests get unlimited jump for the day. Make it an unforgettable Airborne event. #EventPlanning #TrampolineFun #EventPlanningMadeEasy #TeamBuilding #GreatGroupFun
Bounce on in 😊 We will open @ Noon today 👍. #Jump #Eat #Play
AirHeads in Orlando will return back to normal business hours Tuesday September 12th 10:00am-8:00pm
11pm Sunday: Irma shifts a bit east | Operation Storm Watch Tampa Bay | 970 WFLA 11pm Advisory says she's moving east. How are you doing? Got power? Damage? How bad is it? #Irma #Advisory
11pm Sunday: Irma shifts a bit east
Irma 2 pm Sunday advisory... Marco Island's turn | Operation Storm Watch Tampa Bay |... 2pm Advisory is out. How are you passing the time? #Irma #Waiting #Advisory
5 to 10 foot storm surge now possible for Pinellas
11 pm Saturday: Hurricane Irma Advisory | 970 WFLA The 11pm Advisory is out. How are you doing? Think you'll be able to sleep tonight? #Irma #Advisory #StormSurge
Life-threatening storm surge expected in Florida Keys and Florida west coast
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Hurricane Shelters | Storms Shelter Checklist | News 13 Important information on shelters in our area. #Irma #Shelters #BeSafe
Find a hurricane shelters across Central Florida. Use the interactive hurricane shelter map.
Are you ready? Visit the Homeland Security Preparedness website for tips on preparing for the worst, and let's hope for the best 🙏 https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan #PreparednessMonth #Irma #StaySafe #AlwaysBeReady
11 pm Friday: Hurricane Irma Advisory | Operation Stormwatch Orlando | NewsRadio 102.5 WFLA The latest Advisory: Be safe this weekend. #Irma #BeSafe #Advisory #AreYouReady
Storm Surge Warning is in effect for Tampa Bay
Visit the Homeland Security Preparedness website for tips on preparing for the worst, and let's hope for the best 🙏 https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan #PreparednessMonth #Irma #StaySafe #AlwaysBeReady
Due to the weather and for the safety of staff and guest we will be adjusting our business hours as the following:
Saturday September 9th 10am-3pm, Closed Sunday September 10th and Monday September 11th.
Thank you for understanding and we ...
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Jump Into Fun w/ Homeschool Jump from 11a-2p & $15 Thursday 12n-8p. #JumpIntoFun #JumpEatPlay #GreatStressReliever
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September is National Preparedness Month. Do not wait to prepare for the unexpected. Visit Homeland Security’s Preparedness website to become familiar with what disasters may strike in our area and how to make sure you, your family, and your community ...
Happy Labor Day 😊 Jump Into Fun @ Airheads, we’re open from 12n-8p Today 👍 #JumpEatPlay #LaborDay #FamilyFunDay #JumpIntoFun
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Here’s to hoping that you are able to take it nice and sloooooow, like Mr Sloth here ;) After all, it is Labor Day Weekend. A Time for rest and relaxation. Happy Labor Day Weekend. #FunFactFriday #Sloth #TakeItSlow #TGIF

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