Safety is our priority

At AirHeads, we take pride in the measures that we have in place to promote safety. Our staff is trained to assist in providing a safe and fun atmosphere.



Daily ways to save

Check out all the different ways you can save when you come to AirHeads. Everything from a 30 days attractions pass and weekday madness to evening meal deals. We have all the fun.


Our attractions

Trampoline Park

With 107 trampolines, AirHeads Orlando is one of the largest trampoline arenas in Florida. Get your jump on in ultimate style.

Trampoline Basketball

Dunk like the pros with the extra height our trampoline provides. Play against your friends or take your own game to new heights.


Adrenaline, Aim, Avoid, and catch AIR!  Our Referees often play along and show you hacks to be last person standing.  One of the largest Dodgeball Arenas in Flordia. 


With over 45 games, win prizes and compete against your friends. Airheads has a mix of old school favorites,  Skeeball, Air Hockey, racing games, and over the top thrillers.

Stacked Rubix Cube Tower

Everyone loves a good puzzle, now you climb one.  360 degrees of climbing challenges to solve. Can you reach the top?

Best birthday parties

Join the team

Let work be fun

Are you interested in working at a place that is fun? How about working with people that become your friends? AirHeads offers good wages and a flexible schedule.How many people do you know that get to jump around at their job? Don’t wait. Join our team.

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