Safety is our top priority

At Airheads, we take safety very seriously. Our staff is trained in numerous safety practices and techniques. In order to ensure safety measure please review these safety guidelines.


  • Never jump on or near the trampoline pads
  • Always jump toward the center of the trampoline and land with both feet together
  • Never affect another person’s jump, no “Double Bouncing”
  • Do not run across the trampolines, no horseplay
  • Do not attempt doing flips unless you have had proper training, no double flips
  • If you get tired, leave the court
  • Stay in control and know your limits
  • Be aware of those around you and report anyone breaking the rules immediately
  • Must be wearing trampoline grip socks

Toddler Play Course

  • Children must always be supervised by a parent or guardian in the play area
  • Participants must be 48” or shorter
  • Slide one at a time, feet first, and no climbing up the slide
  • No running
  • No food, gum, or drinks allowed in play course
  • No climbing on the outside of the play equipment
  • Please notify a manager if there are any problems or concerns

Staff & Facility

  • Keep a first aid kit by trampolines
  • Keep a first aid kit at the front counter
  • Staff members wear a whistle in case they need to get the attention of a participant/crowd
  • Staff members are trained with an experienced staff member before being on their own
  • Staff members wear radios to communicate with each other
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